3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Stroller: Which is Better For My Baby?

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3 wheel vs 4 wheel strollers

Most first time parents struggle to choose between a 3 or 4 wheel stroller.

While a 4 wheel stroller is often the obvious choice for many moms, the 3 wheel stroller offers interesting features which are difficult to overlook.

Some points to consider while deciding between which to choose are:

  • Terrain on which you will use the stroller
  • Maneuverability
  • Safety
  • Age of your child
  • Style
  • Your lifestyle and habits
  • Weight and bulk
  • Cost friendly
  • Accessories and add-ons
  • After care

In this post we will try to understand how a 3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller compares and help you in choosing the right one for your needs.

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Factors to Consider When Shopping For a Stroller

Before we get into the 3 wheel versus 4 wheel strollers debate, here are a few critical factors you might want to consider before buying a stroller:

Your Lifestyle

It’s important to consider how the stroller will fit into your daily life. Be sure to assess your local terrain and daily activities in order to see where you will be using the stroller.


There are a few safety checks you should consider before purchasing a stroller. Keep in mind, toddlers may have a harder time unfastening five-point harnesses. While all strollers are required to pass safety standards, it doesn’t hurt to test the brakes and check for any small spaces that can pose a threat to tiny fingers.

Ease of Use

Are you able to steer with one hand or will you need both? Is it easy to collapse, store, and transport? Try lifting the stroller to determine how much of a struggle it would be to lift into your car.


Adjustable handles are important for accommodating different heights of users. Additionally, you may opt for a seat that can fully recline for any naps on the road.


Let’s face it – kids are messy. That’s why it’s important to decipher whether the stroller has removable seat covers and whether or not they are machine washable. It’s also worth noting if the stroller requires any routine maintenance.

Special Features

What additional features will you need and use in the stroller? Cup holders, cargo space, sun cover, and wet weather equipment are all worth considering.

Age Range

What age is the stroller made for? Each model will be different, so be sure to check for any additional infant carriers or padded inserts for newborns.

Safety First

Be sure to check that your infant carrier is locked securely before taking your baby for a stroll.

Lastly, do you purchase a 3 wheel or 4 wheel stroller?

We are giving below various Pros & Cons to help you decide

3 Wheel Stroller – Pros and Cons


1. Adequate for All Terrains

If you are planning on off-roading, a 3 wheel stroller will be a better fit. They’re designed to handle trails, loose gravel, sand, or grass. Generally, 3 wheel strollers have better suspension to cushion your baby even on a bumpy terrain or rough ground.They can be used on various types of surfaces comfortably.

The wheels are designed to absorb impact, similar to bicycle tires. A 3 wheel stroller typically has air-filled wheels made of rubber and are a lot larger in comparison to conventional strollers. Also the Rear wheels are larger than the front one.

KEEP IN MIND: It’s important to check your tires regularly and fill them with air to prevent any punctures.

2. Ideal for Parents Who Are Active

Going on a run or jog is a great way to start returning to your pre-pregnant body of if both you and your husband are active parents. A 3 wheel stroller is designed for active moms and Dads to get a run in with the little one in tow.

These are also called Jogging Strollers.

While the large wheels and excellent suspension allow your baby to enjoy a smooth ride, it’s important to note that you should wait to bring your little one on a jog with you until they are at least 6 months old. They should be able to hold their head up on their own at this point.

3. Easy to Maneuver- Ease of steering

Many mothers cannot stand a stroller with stiff handling. On a 3 wheel stroller, the front wheel pivots 360 degrees to ensure smooth turns and makes twists and turns and sharp corners a breeze. A 3 wheel stroller also allows for one-handed steering considering how easy it is to control.

4. Style

These strollers not only offer support, but style as well. Adorned by the likes of celebrities and British royalty, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

Unlike the classic stroller, these have a sporty and stylish look.


1. Extra weight & Bulky

While the oversized wheels are great for tough terrain, they make it more difficult to store in the trunk of a car. Although they fold with ease, their larger frame and wheels will make storage and transportation more burdensome.

Wheels can be detached to make the stroller fit in a tight space. However, this may not be ideal with a screaming toddler.

Some may struggle with the weight of these strollers as well. Especially if you have a few flights of stairs in your daily routine.

KEEP IN MIND: in order to ensure your 3 wheel stroller can fit in your vehicle, it’s important to measure the dimensions when it is folded up before you purchase it.

2. Not Very Affordable

It’s important to note that 3 wheel strollers will cost more than a traditional 4 wheel stroller. The price ranges for these will be higher.A 3 wheel stroller is great if you are serious about exercise and outdoor activity, but you’ll have to adjust your budget.

3. Less Options to Choose Form

You may have noticed in your preliminary research that there are very few brands that offer 3 wheel strollers. Most are targeted for outdoor terrain and workouts, which may not fit your daily routine and expectations.

4 Wheel Stroller – Pros and Cons


1. Cost-Effective & a Better Selection

Budget savvy shoppers will notice that 4 wheel strollers offer a variety of options without sacrificing quality. From basic functionality to all the bells and whistles, there are tons of options to consider.

Four wheel strollers are often categorized into subsections to break down their functions. These include the number of seats and how easy they collapse (umbrella).

There are a variety of manufacturers that offer a plethora of stroller models to choose from.

The basic models have affordable prices. No matter the budget, you are sure to find a stroller that meets and exceeds all of your needs.

2. Folds for Easy Storage

Frequent travelers will appreciate the lightweight frame of 4 wheel strollers. These strollers also tend to be easier to fold and store in the trunk of a car.

If you’re looking for an extremely compact model, check out No products found. which collapses to only 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches. Weighing only 9.5 lbs, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack! See what it looks like below.

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3. Better Stability

While it is debatable, four wheel strollers tend to be more stable than three. There is a lower probability of tipping over since the weight is evenly distributed.

Keep in mind where you plan to use your stoller. If you’ll be going up and down curbs in your neighborhood, two wheels should be on the ground at all times.


1. Not so Versatile

While four wheel strollers are great for a leisurely stroll on easy terrain, they become hard to push and maneuver on bumpy roads. Four wheel strollers are not designed to trek every type of terrain you may encounter. If you do not have a more urban lifestyle, your little one may be subject to rougher rides.

If you plan on running on unpaved trails, this may not be the stroller for you. These strollers are much better fit for walking paved terrain in the park as opposed to a grassy trail in the woods.

Be sure to consider the comfort of your child. The four wheel strollers do not offer the superior suspension and wheels of the three wheel stroller. This may result in an uncomfortable and bumpy ride for your little one.

2. Simple appearance

These dont look as smart and nifty as the 3 wheel options and have a more classic and conventional look

3 Wheel vs. 4 Wheel Strollers: Which Should You Go With?

While both strollers offer strengths and weaknesses, the choice should hinge on your daily routine and lifestyle.

The 3 wheel stroller may be pricier and you’ll have fewer to choose from. But they are a great option for jogging and tougher terrain while giving your baby a smooth and snug ride.

The 4 wheel strollers are usually more affordable and easy to fold and store. While they are relatively stable, they may not be the best option for tough terrain. Be sure to assess your lifestyle and see how each stroller would fit into your specific routine.

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