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Amazon Prime Day July 12- 13

Welcome to the Prime Day 2022 Hub.

Amazon has officially announced that Prime Day will be July 12- 13.

Amazon Prime Day July 12- 13

Check this out to get full coverage about the event and how to make the most of it.

Although it is a 2 day event, we expect a lot of deals before Prime day.

We also expect few sales the weekend prior to the big event.

In the last year, Amazon had offered early access sales on its own products – like Echo Smart speakers and Kindle Readers.

Incase you are planning on picking up one of these, keep an eye for early deals

In the meanwhile, please keep an eye on this page for latest updates on great deals ( which are for very short periods ) and can save you a lot of money

We are scanning thousands of discounts to show you real deals, which are approved by us

No Hype and marketing ploys

Early Promotions for Prime Day

Early Prime day promotions have been launched by Amazon on June 21 on a variety of Amazon-branded products and Fire TVs

They have an excellent offer on Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD.

You will save a huge amount.

Many of these deals are about to end so please act fast.

Make the most of Prime Day – Signup for Prime membership

The best deals during this period are ONLY available to Prime members.

You pay $140 per year for Prime membership. You get a number of benefits like quick delivery, free shipping and a host of other freebies and benefits.

If you do not wish to pay, there is a way to see what Prime Day has to offer (and what Prime overall has to offer) at no cost.

Sign up for Amazon’s free trial membership.

It’s exclusive to new users, though, so you can take advantage of it only if you haven’t been an Amazon Prime member in the past 12 months.

Both the paid or free (trial) membership allows you access to free, fast shipping, as well as Prime Video, early-access Prime deals, Amazon Music Prime, and other Prime-specific benefits.

Here are some important links you must keep track of for the best deals on everyday

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