How to choose a small washing machine for baby clothes and which one should you buy ?


If your little one is still in diapers, then it’s time to start thinking about the best way of keeping their clothing clean.

The first thing that comes into mind when we think about regular washing machines is those big ones with lots of space inside them.

But what if you don’t have much room at home or even any place where you can put such a large appliance?

Well, there is another option – buying a smaller model with a compact design.

Smaller models come in various sizes, but they all share some standard features: they are compact enough so as not to take up too much space, use less energy than larger units, and most importantly, they do an excellent job cleaning delicate items like baby clothes. In addition, they are also portable, so you can carry them around.

So how exactly does this work? Let us find out!

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Why You Need A Small Washing Machine For Baby Clothes?

When it comes down to baby clothes, these must be kept clean.

Aside from them carrying germs, other bacteria and having a bad smell, dirty clothes can be itchy on your baby’s sensitive skin.

On top of that, some stubborn stains will only come out with the help of a washing machine. For this reason, if you want to keep your child’s clothes looking new and fresh.

Which washing machine will be suitable for my needs?

The first thing which comes into our minds is “what should I buy?”

There are many options available, and all these are classified into two categories: top loaders and front loaders.

Top Loader Washing Machine 

A top loader is a machine commonly found in households, where clothes are loaded from the top of the machine. Clothes are placed on top of one another and pulled down and tumbled with water by the washer’s agitation. A major benefit of this style is that you can handle big loads at a time, because you can stack up lots of clothes together.

Front loading washing machine

A front loader washing machine is a must-have for those who have little space and need to wash many baby clothes with ease. These machines are designed for small spaces and can efficiently wash laundry without taking up too much room.

They use less electricity than top loaders, but their downside is the size of the door opening – this means that it might not be able to fit bedding or larger items. Some front-loading machines will require an extra step like pre-treating.

Here are some more things to consider before you buy one.

Size :

You must know the exact dimensions of your kitchen/living area. A bigger unit may require more floor space, while a smaller one might fit perfectly well. We are showing a table below with the dimensions and important features of the various units we recommend.

Capacity :

Determine the number of garments you wish to wash at once. Most people prefer having 2-3 loads done simultaneously rather than doing each cycle separately.

Energy Efficiency :

Check on the amount of power required by the machine. Some high capacity machines consume higher amounts of electricity compared to others. 

Wash Settings:

It should also have Wash settings because baby clothes are soft and fragile. These delicate clothes tend to get damaged easily during spin cycles.

Spin Speed :

Choose between slow speed and fast. Fast speeds help remove stains from fabrics better. However, they could cause fabric shrinkage. Slow spins allow the water to penetrate deep within the fibres of the material. As a result, it removes dirt effectively.

Delay Start:

The delay start is good for scheduling your wash. It may be necessary to soak the clothing in the detergent for a bit to wash against tough stains. The delay start function automatically starts the wash cycle after soaking after a few minutes.

Water Level :

Make sure that the level of water remains constant throughout the entire process. Otherwise, it may lead to uneven drying times.

Water usage:

One of the most important considerations when buying a new washing machine is the gallon per load (GPL) usage on its energy reports, meaning how much water and power it needs each time you run a wash cycle. The EPA has estimated that the average household will use 188 gallons of water per day just for washing clothes. There is nothing worse than going through gallons upon gallons of water each week with your laundry routine if you buy a model that uses too much. This ends up being very harmful to both your pocket and the environment.

 Spin dryer option:

A spin dryer option is helpful and saves time. Plus it could save costs as you don’t need to buy a dryer separately

Noise Level :

Choose a quiet machine since babies tend to sleep during the day. Also, make sure that the noise level is low enough so that it doesn’t disturb other members of the family.

Warranty :

Look for a warranty period of 3 years or longer. 

Which is the best mini washing machine for baby clothes?

We have recommended the following based on our research and the reviews left by various people on Amazon. All these reviews are from actual purchasers of the products. All these portable washers come with a compact design.

1.SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine

The SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Washing Machine is the perfect appliance for washing baby clothes. Made with a lightweight, dense plastic housing and an aluminium pump, you’ll be able to move this machine around your small apartment quickly. This top load twin tub design is everything you need! With 1300rpm max spin speed and five pounds worth of wash capacity, you can wash and rinse at once while also spinning dry within minutes – giving your clothing a more thorough clean than other machines without all the hassle of drying in-between! The self-cleaning system will also leave behind less detergent residue so that stains on white tops don’t happen after just one wear! It features multiple wash modes including rinsing only. It comes with a built-in Gravity drain and water inlet hose.

DIMENSIONS : 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches

About this item

This is a semi-automatic washing machine with a top-load system which makes it easy for you to wash your clothes in the shortest time possible without any hassle of loading or unloading. The washer has an auto spin dry function that allows you to save energy by drying wet laundry while spinning at high speed. It also comes with a built-in water filter that helps remove impurities from tap water before entering into the drum. There is a built-in Gravity drain and inlet water hose provided.

ZENY Portable Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine 13lbs Capacity with Spin Dryer

Need an efficient way to wash your newborn clothes? Want a high-quality washing machine but can’t spare the space for one? Introducing ZENY, your personal portable twin tub washing machine! This white wonder is designed with a plastic body and a powerful motor having a spin speed of 1300 RPMs. Your clothes will spin while getting washed at the same time for that squeaky clean feeling. Drain water, load up laundry, top load—ZENY has you covered from every angle. No more worrying about having enough room for maintenance. And don’t let its size fool you; this little man packs a punch! You’ll be surprised.

DIMENSIONS: 23.62 x 14.96 x 27.17 inches

It has a 4 star plus rating and over 1000 customer reviews.

KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

This KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine is the appliance for someone on the go. This baby mini washing machine is great for small spaces, like dorm rooms and apartments. It’s small enough to be carried around with your baby as an addition to your suitcase when going out of town! Though a single tub washing machine, it loads and washes clothes . It has a washing capacity of 7.7 lbs. If you’re in charge of washing baby clothes for a trip and are looking for efficiency, size, durability, and value- this is your jam! The washer can handle everything from tough clothes to delicates without a worry about tough stains because there’s no drying function here. So what does that mean? It means less hassle and more time saved wherever life takes you with this convenient mini Top

 Since it doesn’t have a drying function, hang your clothes to dry or feel free to use our clever squeeze out wrinkles technique! Don’t worry about water on the floor of your living space either because this machine has an internal drainage tube. The clear lid makes it easy to double-check that everything is running smoothly as well as monitor the dirty laundry water level while it is working hard washing away all those stains.

DIMENSIONS: 14.2 x 13.4 x 20 inches

hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine 

Are you living in a small space? Maybe it’s an apartment, your RV, or just a tiny house with not enough room and you have a lot of baby clothes to wash. Well we are here to help! Introducing the hOmelabs portable washing machine. Now you don’t have to pack up and move out when you need something bigger – this compact little washer is perfect for any size space. This 6lb capacity washer doesn’t let clothes spillover; instead they are securely strapped in, so there is no risk of damage as well! With five different cycles, including one which exclusively targets those pesky hard water stains, you’ll find the proper cycle for every load of laundry. It comes with three different water level settings so that people everywhere can be happy.

DIMENSIONS: 17.7 X 18.1 X 31.5 inches


Sometimes it isn’t easy to get the correct washing machine for baby clothes for a new parent. The process can be made easier by following the right guidelines and information. We hope the information given in the review article contributed to your making your job simpler.

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