How to clean reusable diapers

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how to clean reusable diapers

You have decided to use reusable/ cloth diapers as they are more economical and save you a lot of money in the long run.

However cleaning and washing them can be a daunting task at first.

Don’t worry. This article is going to show you everything that you need to know about cleaning cloth diapers

If you follow some simple guidelines on how to clean reusable diapers, it can make your life easier.

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Here as some simple step to follow

  • Keep used diapers in a dry pail.
  • Wash everyday if possible or at least every other day
  • To remove poop from the diaper, use a diaper spray and leave the diaper wet till you wash it. This will help to reduce the stains and also will wash the poop more easily.
  • If your baby is only breast-fed, then you do not need to use a diaper spray to remove the poop. Just put your diaper in the diaper pail and the cold rinse will remove the poop.
  • You should wash around 12 to 15 larger size diapers at one time, but if you have a larger barrel washer then fill the barrel at least 3/4 full so that the diapers get agitated against each properly
  • Try to first rinse with cold water and without using any detergent
  • Use a detergent with a warm water cycle to clean the diapers properly
  • Use a dryer to slightly dry the diapers before you hang them to dry overnight.

Steps to improve life of diapers

Here are some steps which you should follow to improve the diapers and increase the life of the diapers

  1. Avoid using chlorine or any other bleaching agent as this will break down the fibres of the fabric and reduce the life of the diapers
  2. Avoid fabric softeners as they create a coat on the fabric which reduces absorbency
  3. While using the dryer, do not keep the hottest setting
  4. Dry them in the sun to freshen them and remove stains
  5. In case your diapers have elastic, make sure you hang them correctly so that the weight of the wet diaper does not stretch the elastic.
  6. Please carefully check the washing instructions of the Cloth diaper brand that you are using so that you do not void the warranty.

Useful Products for cleaning Reusable diapers

These products can help you to make your life easier while cleaning cloth diapers

1. Diaper Sprayer

These can be fixed in the toilet and look like a small showerhead

They can spray waste off a diaper before you throw it in the diaper pail or before washing

2. Liners

They are like dryer sheets which you can place on the inside of a clean diaper.

When the baby poops, simply lift the liner and flush the liner and waste down the toilet

3. Detergents

Use gentle and effective detergents specially designed for cloth diapers.

Many regular laundry detergents cause a buildup on cloth diapers and this reduces the absorbency and also can lead to diaper rash.

4.Diaper Wet bag

They are handy to store dirty diapers before washing.

You could use 2 we bags – one to use for soiled/used diapers and one for clean fresh ones

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