How to get diapers for cheap

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how to get diapers for cheap

Are you a  mom with one or more babies? Are you struggling on how to manage your budget with the high cost of diapers?     

In this post I will tell you some secrets on how to get diapers for cheap, and help you save a substantial amount every month on your diaper costs.

You will save a lot 💰💰💰💰💰💰

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1.Build up your stock of diapers

Diapers can be stored for as long as you like – they never go bad. So you can start buying whenever you see a Sale or Special discounts being offered.

Generally Baby sales are on in September and February and once you  are pregnant, you can start to stock up diapers at discounted prices

2.Check the unit prices of diapers before buying

Buying diapers can be complicated as each brand has different pack sizes and different diaper sizes on sale.

You must divide the cost of the pack by the number of diapers in that pack to arrive at unit price for a diaper.

For a box of Size 7 having 88 diapers which costs $47.49 , the cost per diaper works out to $0.54.

You might feel you have found a great offer on diapers, but you must check on which size is being offered and what is the cost per diaper, before you buy

3.Keep a record of Diaper prices based on brand and size

The quantity of diapers in a box generally decreases for larger sizes.

As your baby grows, you will need larger sizes.

So do not get stuck with extra diapers which your baby has outgrown.

It will be a waste of your precious money.

4.Get great deals from Amazon on diapers

You can use Amazon Coupons for buying Diapers on Amazon.

They have an entire page offering coupons on various Baby products ( as well as other products ) from time to time.

Use the Amazon Coupon savings alongwith the Amazon Mom Member program and save an additional 20% on your purchase of diapers and wipes.

You can also become an Amazon Prime member and get 20% discount plus other benefits like Free shipping and Next day delivery

5.Track Sales at Drugstores and National Retailers

You can save a lot by tracking Sales and stockpile diapers.

Avoid Warehouse Stores as they rarely have the best prices. Sometimes you may end up paying more than twice at Warehouse stores.

They may provide convenience but you will save more by keeping track of sales at Drugstores and National Retailers

6.Save the Rewards offers

All big stores offer Diapers on Special Sales with Rewards offers.

“Spend $40 on Huggies Diapers and get $10 in rewards”

Start to stack up these deals with coupons for big savings.

Stock up as many diapers as you can buy when you find a good sale

7.Start to collect Coupons

Diaper coupons are available everywhere. Sign up for newsletters check out various Coupon sites as well as look out for the Coupons page on the websites of Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS Store etc.

Ask your friends and relatives to sign ups for Diaper coupons for you.

8.Rebates must be used

You can get actual cash rebates from various apps which will help you save a lot of money when you buy diapers

You can try out the following

a) Pampers Club



d) Rakuten

You have to be consistent and see that you keep a track of various Deals, Sales, Coupons and Rebates available throughout the year and you will have saved yourself a lot of money on diapers alone

You could also use the same suggestions for all your other Baby needs .

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