When to stop using baby monitor?

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when to stop using a baby monitor

This article will discuss when you should stop using a baby monitor. This is a question that many anxious parents ask themselves after they have been using the monitors for a long time.

Parents who have been watching their babies for an extended period may find it harder to stop using the monitor and are likely to keep wondering how their little one is doing.

There are benefits to having them, but there are also disadvantages, so it’s essential to consider both sides before making this decision!

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Before we talk about this, it is first important to understand whether you need one, when to start using baby monitors, and the benefits of using them.

Hey! By the way… any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Thanks in advance – I really appreciate it!

Do you need a monitor for your baby?

You probably don’t need a monitor if you sleep in the same room as your baby or live in a small space where you can always hear or see what your baby is doing.

If your infant is small and you never leave them alone, then you don’t need one.

Otherwise, most parents enjoy the convenience of a baby monitor.

handheld video baby monitor

You don’t have to stay close to the nursery or always check on your child, and you can get things done around the house whenever the baby is sleeping or playing.

If you’re not at home, a monitor can be used to keep an eye on your child.

If you have a larger or two-story home, you’ll be able to allow the baby to sleep upstairs or in the next room.

The days of secretly peeping into the nursery to see your baby napping are over. The creaky floorboard could have woken them up, and you would have had a hard time putting them back to sleep.

This can be easily avoided with a baby monitor. 

What are the benefits of using a baby monitor?

  • You can be calm and relaxed at all times when you can view or hear your little one, whenever you want and no matter where you are.
  • Watch your little one’s every move.
  • Sleep better knowing they’re safe and sound.
  • Helps the parents know when to feed the child by hearing him or her cry.
  • Allows them to hear if something is wrong and they need to get up and check on their little one.
  • Makes it easier for parents who work during the day because you can see your child’s basic needs being met without having to go into his room at night, which could wake your sleeping baby!
  • Get peace of mind when you can’t be with them in person.
  • Keep an eye on the baby when you’re away from home.
  • Know when they’re crying or if something is wrong.
  • Keep your baby safe and calm -Since your baby monitor lets you respond to your baby promptly, the baby will learn to trust that you will come when they need you and will develop a sense of security. Many monitors offer a talkback feature that lets you talk to your baby through the baby monitor and reassure them. Some even play lullabies to your baby to help them doze off.
  • Avoid the pain of losing a child to SIDS or sleep apnea.

The benefits of using a baby monitor are many! There really isn’t any reason for you not to get one.

audio monitor

Now let us talk about when parents should stop worrying too much and do away with monitors

When to Stop Using a Baby Monitor?

1) Parents should stop using a video monitor by the age of 3 to 4 and an audio monitor by 12 months. This is the age based on the feedback that many monitor manufacturing companies have received.

2)You should stop if it’s costing you sleep.

Several sleep experts warned that the monitor might not be worth it if it ends up costing you sleep. You could be woken up with every twitch or snort and remain wide awake through the night

 3) The monitor can hinder your progress if you are trying sleep training. You will keep rushing to see your little one every time you hear a sound.

When it comes to sleep training, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to hear every little noise the baby makes for a healthy baby.

You could end up preventing the baby from sleeping through the night. The baby goes through various sleep cycles and can fuss or cry a little between these cycles.

In fact, that may make you get in your way of having your baby sleep through the night. Fussing and crying a little between sleep cycles is very typical and expected.

4) You shouldn’t use a baby monitor if you can hear your kid from across the room. It depends on whether your child is sleeping through the whole night. If a week or two passes without needing the baby monitor, you could stop using it.

5) For toddlers up to 3 to 4 years of age, using a monitor can create an invasion of privacy for your child. They can start to modify their behaviour when they realise that they are being watched all the time. Most children do not like this constant monitoring.


A baby video monitor or audio monitor is a great tool to have when you cannot be with your child in person. But parents must know when the time comes for them to stop using one so they can get back some much-needed sleep and give themselves space from their little one. We’ve provided four points where there should be no shame in putting down the monitor:

  1. Parents should stop video monitoring by the age of 3-4 years old.
  2. They should stop audio monitoring after 12 months.
  3. A parent shouldn’t use one if they can hear their kids across the room or during sleep training.
  4. The point at which you don’t need one (as long as children are sleeping through the night).

If any of these sounds familiar, then you may want to stop using a baby monitor.

However, there are no perfect answers for anxious parents, and they have to decide what is right for them based on their parenting style.

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