How to wash baby hair without getting water in the eyes

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how to wash baby hair without getting water in the eyes

Babies are sensitive to eye infections and they can cause serious problems in the future.

While washing your baby’s hair, it is important that water does not enter the baby’s eyes.

It can cause eye irritation or conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the eyelids and cover the surface of the eyeball.

how to wash baby hair without getting water in the eyes

It can also cause infection to spread to other parts of the body through either direct contact with infected skin or through airborne droplets.

So, it’s important to keep the water out of your baby’s eyes as you bathe them.

Moms always have a lot of questions on how to wash their baby’s hair. But the fear of doing it wrong is often too much to handle.

The good news is – it is not that hard!

In this article, I will show you how to wash your baby’s hair the right way, every time.

All you need is a bit of knowledge and some patience.

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Things needed for baby hair wash.

Things needed for baby hair wash.

To begin, gather all bathing essentials. They include the following:

  1. Luke warm water
  2. Baby bath tub
  3. Baby shampoo
  4. Conditioner/Baby oil
  5. Soft Brush
  6. Soft Clean Towel
  7. Bath toy

Fill the baby bathtub with at least two inches of lukewarm water (not too hot), then gently place your baby in it.

First, lets wash the baby’s body.

Make use of one of your hands as a neck support for your baby, if he or she is unable to sit on their own.

Drench the baby’s body in water with your other hand, while you do so.

Wash your baby’s body with a damp soft washcloth and a little soap or baby body wash liquid.

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How to wash the baby’s hair – step by step guidance.

How to wash the baby’s hair - step by step guidance.

Step 1

Start by using your hand to fully wet your baby’s hair instead of pouring the water directly over the head.

This is a great way to keep the baby calm, which is exactly what you’d want while washing baby’s hair.

This method is perfect at keeping water from going into the baby’s ears or eyes, which upsets the baby.

Do not rush.

Go with the baby’s pace.

Letting them play is a great way to keep them distracted.

Step 2

Now it’s time to shampoo.

Never use too much of it, because it can run down their face and into their eyes and that’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Using your fingers, gently massage your baby’s hair for a few minutes.

You can stop when you’re sure that the baby’s hair is clean.

Now here’s the most important part: rinsing the shampoo out of your child’s hair.

Gently, lay the baby back on your forearm.

Again, rinse with your hand instead of pouring water with a cup.

While doing this, give them the bath toy to hold.

This usually works as a great distraction.

However, if your baby tries to stand, gently place them back down on your arm. and play a game like splashing the water with your hand or feet.

This usually works for my baby girl.

You may try to make them use their arms to do back strokes, if they’re older, that can work too.

Oh, and whenever your child tries to put their head up, squeeze the water away from the top of their forehead so that they don’t get any water or shampoo in their eyes.

Step 3

Now, pat the baby’s hair gently with a clean soft dry towel.

Pat Dry Baby immediately after bath

I chose a leave-in conditioner after shampooing because it does not need to be washed out.

My baby has curly hair.

So, after applying the conditioner I use a Denman brush to work on the tangles.

Then, I use a soft brush to comb the hair gently.

Wrap your baby in a new, clean dry towel as soon as you’ve completed this step.

Dry the entire body thoroughly, pay specific attention to the back of the ear and skin folds, to avoid excess moisture in these areas.

So there you have it, all my secrets for keeping my one-year-old baby happy while I wash her hair.

However, if bathing your baby without getting water in his or her eyes continues to be challenging, you may want to consider using a baby shower cap.

Add a personal touch with baby shower caps.

Baby Shower Cap

A baby shower cap is an easy way to prevent water from getting into a baby’s eyes during a bath.

There are hundreds of baby shower caps on the market, and you should have no trouble finding one that is appropriate for your baby.

A baby shower cap can be used for children under the age of six or seven.

Soap, shampoo, and even water are all kept out of your baby’s eyes thanks to the shower cap, it is convenient and straightforward to use.

You can make bath time more enjoyable for your baby because they will no longer be afraid of shampoo or water getting into their eyes.

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What to Avoid When Purchasing Baby Shampoo?

What to Avoid When Purchasing Baby Shampoo_

It seems like buying baby shampoo should be a pretty straightforward process, right?


There are a a lot of options when it comes to purchasing a baby shampoo – From brands, formulas, and fragrances.

What to Avoid When Purchasing Baby Shampoo_

There are, however, a number of considerations that parents should keep in mind before making a purchase.

The shampoo should be free from any ingredients which might cause your baby’s sensitive skin to experience an allergic reaction.

No parabens and sulphates:

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients out there that can make your baby’s hair shiny and their skin soft.

However, it’s important to know what to avoid when purchasing baby shampoo, such as parabens and sulfates.

These two ingredients should be avoided because they can cause health problems for the child (e.g., parabens – thinning of the outer layer of skin).

Check the alcohol percentage:

You should also check the label to make sure that there is no alcohol in it and if there is, then it should not exceed 20%.

Do Not Use Products with Added Fragrances:

Most baby shampoos have a pleasant smell but this is not the case with some.

They contain artificial fragrances that can irritate your baby’s skin.

Do Not Use Unnatural Ingredients:

Most natural ingredients are mild so they will not irritate your baby.

You should not purchase baby shampoo if it contains sulfates, DEA (diethanolamine), phthalates, or nitrates.

These substances are very harmful for your baby.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid any ingredients you cannot pronounce.

With these considerations in mind, you should be able to choose the best mild shampoo for your baby.

Baby Hair washing tips to try.

  • Ensure a clean and comfortable bathroom. It should be warm and you should have everything you need to bathe and wash baby’s hair handy.
  • Never leave the baby alone.
  • Choose a tear-free mild shampoo that smells pleasant.
  • If your baby pushes your hand, give him his favorite bath toy or sing a song with him.
  • One simple way to prevent the water from entering the baby’s eyes is to let gravity do the job. Lean your baby’s back slightly so water drips from his back and not his face.
  • Baby’s have a sensitive skin than that of an adult, so special attention is needed.
  • Remember to keep as calm as possible because it will help the babies stay calm as well.
  • There will be soft spots on the top of the baby’s head, and it is important not to press too firmly on them.
  • The baby should not be left wet for too long. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly and then pat dry with a towel. This will keep him from getting a cold.

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