9 Proven Signs Your Baby Will Have Beautiful Curly Hair That You Love

As a mom, you want to know every little detail about your newborns and how they’ll turn out.

This is even more exciting if you’re a first-time mom.

In our opinion, we are giving below the 9 Proven signs that your baby will have beautiful curly hair.

signs that baby will have curly hair

You want to know if your baby will have daddy’s eyes, whether they will inherit mom’s unique birthmark, and what their hair will be. 

Many parents are especially interested in their baby’s hair texture because they want to ensure they’re using the right hair products from the word go. 

If you’re wondering whether your toddler will have curly or straight hair, this article is just what you need. 

Here are 9 signs that show your baby will have curly hair. 

1. The Parent’s Genetics 

Well, I’m not going to insult your intelligence by explaining how the parents’ genetics come into play in a kid’s outcome. 

The fact that you’ve been told, ‘You’re just like your father or mother!‘ at some point in your life is enough proof. 

Weirdly, babies seem to inherit a lot more from their dads than their mothers (a bit too much if you ask me). 

For instance, your baby is likely to have curly hair if their father’s hair is curly. You can see everything your baby inherits from their dad in this article

That said, a baby can still get curly hair even when both parents have straight hair.

This is possible because their parents may be carrying curly hair genes from their ancestors. 

2. Crazy Heartburns During Pregnancy 

My Nana used to say if a pregnant woman is having frequent and awful heartburns during pregnancy, the baby will have a full head of hair.

curly hair baby

I didn’t even know that scientists had found a relationship between heartburn and hair in pregnant women until recently (it turns out nana was a genius). Researchers found out that hormones that support fetal hair growth can trigger heartburn. 

So, if you suffer heartburn during pregnancy, chances are your baby will have a full head of curly hair. 

Don’t have time to read the whole post right now?

No worries. Let me send you a copy so you can read it when it is convenient for you. Just me know where to send it ( takes 5 seconds ).

3. A Huge Volume of Hair 

This is probably one of the biggest signs that your baby will have curly hair. If you’ve been struggling with managing your baby’s hair, and you’ve also noticed cowlicks, there is a big chance your baby will have curly hair. 

In most cases, the unmanageable high-volume poof of hair always ends up becoming beautiful curly locks. 

4. Your Environment

This may come as a shock to many, but the environment you live in can significantly affect your baby’s hair texture. 

For example, babies born and brought up in a warm environment tend to have curly or frizzy hair. On the other hand, babies in cold climates are likely to have straight and dry hair. 

If you’re living in a colder area, moving to a warmer area can change your baby’s straight hair into curly or wavy hair.  

5. Frizzy Hair 

It can be incredibly difficult to know whether your baby will have straight or curly hair when all they have is tiny fuzzy hair. 

But if you give the fuzzy hair a closer look, you can tell how the hair is growing. If you notice that they have small, wavy, or frizzy hair, chances are it will grow to curly hair. 

You’ll start seeing some curls developing from the frizzles once they’re 24 months. 

6. Their Hair is Frizzy & Wavy When Wet 

If there is something that resets hair to its factory setting is water.

When you wash anyone’s hair, it resets to its original form, so this is the best way to determine your baby’s hair type. 

When you get your baby hair wet, does it become curly and double in volume? If your answer is yes, then it’s a sign your baby will have curly hair. 

The explanation behind this is that curly hair is usually dehydrated, so it’s always trying to absorb any moisture. 

7. An Uncooperative Hairline 

As your baby’s hair grows, it will become easier to tell whether they have curly or straight hair. 

For example, you’ll start noticing the baby hair, frizzles, and fresh growth when managing their hair. 

un-cooperative hairline

If your baby has curly hair, you’ll realize that no matter how you try to comb the curly hair on their hairline, it curls right back.

This is a huge indicator that your baby will have curly and wavy hair. 

8. The Hair Dries in a Loop

Natural hair patterns can tell a lot about hair texture. And when it’s hard to see these patterns when the hair is dry, you can see them clearly when the baby’s  hair is damp. 

How does it dry up? If it dries up straight with no signs of any curls or bending, then your baby will probably have straight hair. 

On the other hand, if your baby’s hair dries in a loop, there is a high probability they’ll have curly hair. 

9. You Can’t Part their Hair. 

This is actually what pushes many parents to start researching their baby’s hair texture. 

You’ve seen a cute tutorial, and you really want to try it on your baby’s hair for the gram. 

But then, even though you’re really good with hair and have successfully done many hair DIYs, it somewhat feels impossible to portion your baby’s hair. 

It’s like it chooses where to rest in their tiny head.

This is a sign that they’ll have curly hair, so it’s best to let their hair portion itself. 

It will still look good in those natural curls. 


Do newborns come out with curly hair?

Most babies do not have curly hair at birth.

But as time goes by, most babies’ hair becomes more curly.

So, don’t worry too much about having curly hair at birth. 

What causes my child to have curly hair?

Curly hair is related to genetics.

Some babies have curly hair while others don’t.

Curls are also created by environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and stress.

What is the Influence of Environment on Baby’s Hair?

The environment has an effect on your baby’s hair texture.

What can make your baby’s hair curly?

Hair can get curly or frizzy because of the humidity and warmth in the environment.

What is the Difference Between Curly Locks and Straight Hair?

The curly hair gene is said to have incomplete dominance over the straight hair genes.

What are the genes that determine baby’s hair texture?

The dominance of the gene will determine the hair texture your baby will possess.

Will my baby have thick curls?

During pregnancy, it is not possible to tell which genes your baby will inherit.

However at 28 weeks , the ultrasound can give you an idea if the baby’s hair is curly or straight.

What’s the Difference Between Baby Hair and Adult Hair?

Your baby’s hair texture will change dramatically during his first 24 months.

How Do You Care for Your Baby’s Curly Hair?

A curly-haired baby is something to be proud of. Their ringlets are cute to look at compared to other straight-haired babies.

It is difficult to take care of a baby’s curly hair. You have to be careful with what you do when taking care of your baby’s hair.

You have to remember some tips.

You should never brush those Curls.

  • Curls should be combed with wide tooth combs or fingers when they are wet.
  • Use a soft fabric to dry their hair . Using a towel to dry the curls cause the curls to frizz.
  • Avoid using shampoo on the curls every day. Try to skip the shampoo and only use the conditioner.
  • Keep trimming the curls regularly, so they can stay even. This will prevent any tangles.
  • Use plenty of conditioners on the curls . Also also use leave-in conditioners, which will remain in the hair
  • The baby’s hair needs to be short. You can keep the baby’s hair short or shoulder length, as it will grow out later in life.

What are the best curly hair products for Babies in 2022

In our opinion, to find out the best products read this article – Best products for babies with curly hair.

We have suggested a wide range of products which will help you to care for your baby’s curly hair.


Although we are always keen to know how the hair of our babies will turn out to be, there is no sure shot way of predicting the outcome. 

During pregnancy it is even more difficult but once the child is born and grows up a bit, there are many signs which can give you a clue on what sort of hair they will have. 

We have tried to cover the various clues that you can look for at this early stage

But as we said earlier, there is no guaranteed sign or indication.

We hope you found this article useful and wish you a baby with a beautiful head of hair.


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