12 ways to make babies fall asleep (under 10 minutes)

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I’m sure that you have at one point or another found yourself exhausted and frustrated, trying to put your baby to sleep, and they refuse to sleep.

We’ve all been there!

I know babies can be difficult creatures sometimes, but I also know that they need their sleep just as much as adults do.

With this blog post, we are going to discuss Twelve ways you can make babies fall asleep faster.

These strategies will help both you and your little one get the rest you deserve!.

Learning to sleep is a new skill for babies. As a normal part of early learning, they cry and fuss.

Short periods of crying help babies fall asleep and learn how to sleep.

Some babies need more time to fall asleep on their own. One of the most difficult parts of early parenting is sleep challenges.

Sleep training is not harmful to a baby’s brain development or relationship with their parents when they receive loving care throughout the day.

Reasons why your baby won’t sleep

First of all you must understand why your baby refuses to sleep.

If you are First-time parents, hire a Pediatric sleep specialist or talk to your Doctor or if you’re overwhelmed, take a workshop and do your research.

baby refusing to sleep

You might think that your baby’s sleep is a mystery, but there are people who can help.

While not everyone agrees with every approach, no one would argue against the benefits of a good night’s sleep for babies and exhausted parents alike.

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Common Reasons why babies can refuse to sleep

The most common reasons babies have trouble sleeping are as follows:

1. They’re hungry and need a feed

2. The room is too noisy or bright for babies who are sensitive or easily overstimulated by noise, light, smells or touch (I recommend using blackout curtains)

3. Their bedtime  routine is too long or doesn’t have enough of the right elements

4. Babies get overtired and need a break before going to sleep

5. They’re uncomfortable, either because their mattress isn’t good quality or their clothes are itchy

6. They are too hot or too cold

7. They are in a new and uncomfortable environment

8. Babies get frustrated because their parents have been trying to put them down for so long that they think it’s not going to happen.

They don’t understand time yet, which is why one of the best ways to make babies fall asleep faster is by creating an appropriate sense of time.

9. Food allergies can make it difficult for a child to fall asleep or stay awake at night.

If your child is having a hard time sleeping, it would be helpful to keep a food diary and see if you can find any patterns.

10. If the baby is spending the entire day just sitting or lying down or having too much screen time, without any physical activity, they will not tired enough at night.

11. Babies don’t show a day-waking, night- sleeping pattern until around 4 months of age.

You cannot set a sleep schedule for them.

Tips on putting your baby to sleep faster

Once you have made sure that the above reasons why your baby refuses to sleep are taken care of, the following tips can help you a lot

Create a  bedtime routine.

A baby starts to develop an internal clock by the time they are 12 weeks old and will fall off to sleep around this time, if you impose this routine.

Hence target to put the baby to sleep at this time only on a daily basis.

They will automatically start to feel tired at this time and doze off easily.

Switch Off all Electronics

Shut off all electronic gadgets 30 minutes before bedtime – TVs, smartphones, laptops, bright loud toys will prevent them from dozing off as the bright light and sounds will keep them stimulated and awake.

The blue light emitted by these devices is known to suppress the levels of the hormone Melatonin.

The baby’s brain needs time to shut down, unlike an electronic gadget which can be shut off by flipping a switch.

Dim the lights at night

Keep the lights dim after sunset.

This helps to increase the production of Melatonin, a hormone that helps to regulate the sleep cycle.

Higher melatonin levels ensure more hours of sleep for the infant and offer health benefits.

Further the dim lights will also work as a cue for the baby to know that it is time to sleep.

Bath your infant

A warm water bath can help a lot.

As they start to cool down after the warm bath, they tend to fall asleep easily.

The water should not be too hot ( around 90 degrees is fine).

Check out this baby bath. Your baby will love it with warm water.

Give them a massage

A gentle massage will also calm your baby just before bedtime and make it easier to sleep.

A massage also provides skin contact between you and your infant, which makes them feel closer and more secure as well.

You should use a gentle massage oil which will calm your baby.

Here are some favourite baby massage oils which our readers love

Do some bedtime reading

Reading a little bedtime story can also help and further boost the baby’s brainpower.

You could choose from a wide variety of Reading books which are for babies from 0 to 6 months

Play soothing music or Lullabies

You could play Lullabies, which are available on many apps.

You could get different ambient sounds, like the sound of the ocean waves or gentle rain, which work wonders.

The main point is that we have to remove any form of stimulation and make the infant realise that it is time to rest.

Use the Shhh-ing sound or your soothing voice close to their ears.

This will help to reduce the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone and allow your infant to reduce brain activity and gradually doze off.

Give them some movement

Rocking the infant makes them feel sleepy and along with a lullaby will provide positive effects.

A rocking chair or a swing could work well to make the baby feel drowsy.

A quick ride around the block in your car could also help, if things get difficult with the other methods.

But do not follow this too often, as sleeping in a propped up position in a car seat is not advisable.

Also make sure that you are wide awake and do not get into an accident while driving.

Feed them before bedtime

Nighttime Feeding just before they fall asleep is also a good way.

But do remember to burp the baby before putting them off to sleep.

Cuddling soft toys

Give them their favourite stuffed toys to cuddle.

Running their fingers through these soft toys makes it easy.

✅. Here are some soft toys your baby would love to cuddle with.

Swaddling to make them feel like they were in your womb.

Swaddle your little one like a “baby burrito”.

This works like a charm for many mothers.

This is similar to the experience they have in your womb and they doze off really fast.

✅. Check out these lovely swaddle blankets. Your baby will sleep like a charm.

Things to avoid while trying to make your baby sleep fast

Keeping them awake the whole day

Do not try to keep the baby awake all day in the hope they will get tired and fall off to sleep fast in the night.

An over-tired baby will tend to cry non-stop and will take longer to doze off, due to the stress.

Do not fill their bellies with cereal

Avoid filling their bellies by using cereal in their night bottle.

People believe that a baby will sleep faster if they feel fuller after a feed.

Do not fall asleep while putting them to sleep

Make sure you do not fall asleep as you are tying to make your little one sleep.

You could be putting your baby in a dangerous position without realising.

If you are exhausted, you should put the baby back in the crib and leave them there, even if they are crying.


We have given you a lot of useful tips and suggestions to get your little one to fall off to sleep faster and you will have to try and see which works for you best

There is no one-size fits all solution and you have to experiment with your infant to find the best way.

We hope you find these tips helpful and are able to get a restful night once you have put your infant off to sleep fast.


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