How to take thumb impression of a baby

This article will discuss about different ways of how to take a baby’s thumb impression.  A baby’s thumb impression is the first form of identification you can provide for your child. It is important to do this correctly because a baby’s fingerprint is the only way of identifying them. The best time to do this … Read more

Baby monitor – Things you should know

Baby monitors are devices that allow parents to listen for sounds made by their babies or to watch them, while they sleep at night or when away from home. They can be useful if you want to hear your child cry out without waking them up, or you want to see what is happening in … Read more

When to stop using baby monitor?

This article will discuss when you should stop using a baby monitor. This is a question that many anxious parents ask themselves after they have been using the monitors for a long time. Parents who have been watching their babies for an extended period may find it harder to stop using the monitor and are … Read more

Change in Formula – How long does it take a baby to adjust?

Table of ContentsIntroductionWhy should you change the Baby formula?How do babies react to change in formulas?How to introduce a new formula?Can you mix the old and new formulas?Other things to considerSummary Introduction This article is about how long it takes a baby to adjust to a change in the type of formula. They don’t like … Read more